We do not live one life but many, with each change a new chapter begins. To live is to learn, about All That Is, the nature of energy around us & within us. Being aware of ourselves & our planet & learning from this is a must if we want to thrive.

Expeditions allow us to be greater than ourselves. To live out a fantasy of whom we would like to be. It allows for unique opportunities to express oneself as hero or villain, healer or warrior. I view going on an expedition as a way of getting lost, for as Thoreau said, it is not until we are lost, can we begin to understand ourselves.
Welcome to the world of Expedition Outreach a charitable group of environmentally conscious explorers & athletes who use extreme sports & racing & their Wild Heart Expeditions to face adversity & overcome fears to educate & inspire.

Explore Your World, Explore Your Mind!
Expedition In-Reach, The Expedition Inward; Facing Fears & Performance Enhancement with Yoga & Meditation
Expedition Outreach
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- Momentum - Overcoming Adversity
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