We do not live one life but many, and with each change a new chapter begins. To live is to learn, about All That Is, the nature of energy around us & within us. Being aware of ourselves & our environment & learning from this is a must if we want to thrive.


    Throughout my life I have been many different people with very different interests, each time taking with me only the best & ideally, leaving behind anything that held me back. So I designed this site to share these most powerful & memorable experiences; our explorations & extreme sports, on expedition, at a race venues or during one of our amazing adventures.


    I found the most important quality of experience comes from the people you surround yourself with. I have been very fortunate to know extremely interesting & talented people who I am truly grateful for having spent time with. This site is dedicated to them.


    Expedition Outreach – Explore Your World, Explore Your Mind!

    The Future of expedition Outreach's River Running!

  • About Us

    Expedition Outreach was founded by Michael & Serenity Coyne & is a team of explorers based in New England. Team EO takes the publicity we receive from our extreme sport adventures, races, events & expeditions, and focus's it on worthwhile causes as a charitable organization. We currently help wounded warriors and victims of abuse heal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as survivors of cardiac events who live with heart disease: Since the early 1990's we have travelled the world setting records, first ascents & descents on mountains: Rock & ice climbing, snowboarding, River Boarding & kayaking in white water and in the ocean; SCUBA Diving with Sharks, in ship wrecks, caves & more!


    Team leader Michael Coyne set the Guinness Book World Record in ‘1998’, for the highest altitude ‘Luge Run’, down Mount Chacaltaya in Bolivia, and was the first to wakeboard the Amazon River complate with Crocodiles’ & Piranha after traversing the Amazon Jungle. Our team climbed a 'first ascent' up an icy Alaskan Peak in the Wrangell Mountains & named it Mount Hope, in the symbolism of World Peace getting media attention nationwide on ABC with the help of reporter Angie Wyatt.


    Times have changed and along with it wisdom has prevailed. We find the only thing worth risking ones life over has to be first and foremost spiritual in nature, and maybe equally, fun. So began our Expedition In-Reach & found that all our charitable endeavors had a simple message in common, that to have Inner Peace gives us domestic peace and this will one day be our world peace. But first, in order to ever have lasting peace in our world, we must all find peace within ourselves.


    Extreme sports done mindfully are a moving meditation, a yoga. Team EO uses the media to spread our message & to capture the attention & imaginations of our audience. We show people that by facing ones fears, we can reach their own level of acceptance of fear, and achieve a level of enlightenment, which we feel is the key to all true lasting happiness.


    Inner Peace + Domestic Peace = World Peace is our motto, getting high on altitude is our life style!

    Expedition Leader Michael Coyne during our second expedition to traverse The Bolivian Andes.

    Face First Angel Jumping

    Born from New Zealand and Australian military tactical rappelling, Face First 'Angel Jumping' as some mountaineers call it, is a fun & practical way to descend. My latest project is my Angel Jumping Quest For Wounded Warriors. Helping our veterans, law enforcement, E.M.T.'s and Fire Fighters Cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through the healing power of extreme sports in nature.

    Face First Angel Jumping


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  • Wild Heart Expeditions

    Our Expeditions, Adventures and Races.

    The Mount Kilimanjaro Wild Heart Expedition (See blog and our Adventure World Magazine story below)

    The Quest for Mount Hope; a Wrangell Mountain first ascent

    The Andes to Amazon Bolivian Traverse

    The Far East of the Western World Iceberg Alley Expedition

    Wild Heart Expedition Icelandic Saga & Recon

    Expedition InReach: Extreme Sports as a Path to Enlightenment

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    Upcoming adventures, races, events and expeditions

    Sometimes when we push limits, those limits push back... Nature is a terrible, brutal, sexy wonderment: A horrible beauty that reveals our true nature through her creative metaphors and physical reality. Serenity and I were trying our very hardest to be the best human animals we could be...
    The Andes - Amazon Traverse Part One The 1996 Illimani – Bolivia; Andes-Amazon Traverse Part 1: Expedition to combat AIDS & a world record luge run Expedition Outreach traveled to Bolivia for the first time and set the Guinness Book of World's Records for the Highest Altitude Luge Run (17,200')...
    To speak of it is easy enough, what more is there to say other than life is best when we are happy, and at peace? Even despite troubles in our lives. The state of constant peace is often called enlightenment, or self actualization, it is imperturbability. Oversimplified, all one has to do is...
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    We sincerely thank our sponsors for all their support over the years; fueling our charitable efforts of inspiration & education: Without them organizations like this would not be possible.

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    We have the privilege to know about & use some of the finest most effective technology, equipment and supplements in the industry. All of these companies make products that are expedition worthy & tested by us in the mountains, oceans, rivers, caves, canyons & deserts of planet Earth.

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