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Extreme Sports as a Path to Enlightenment

To speak of it is easy enough, what more is there to say other than life is best when we are happy, and at peace? Even despite troubles in our lives. The state of constant peace is often called enlightenment, or self actualization, it is imperturbability. Oversimplified, all one has to do is learn the art of deep relaxation.

Sound Technology, in a Mind Machine or now on CD’s & Downloads can be really helpful. This technology is based on proven ancient practices from all over the world to help one deeply relax & eventually take control of their minds! They do in months what other methods take years to accomplish.

In the beginning, no one on Team Expedition Outreach had much of an interest in meditation, but we first caught wind of Olympic athletes using these simple mind exercisers called, Mind Machines. Upon trying them ourselves to increase our athletic performance, we discovered that what they can do is so much more. In fact, anything that the mind is able to do, these machines can assist with; everything from increasing alertness, assisting with insomnia, increasing IQ, reaching altered states of consciousness, naturally and safely, lucid dreaming, athletic & sexual performance enhancement, and so much more! It was then that I decided to make their use a part of my daily workout. Expedition In-Reach is a very personal journey for anyone. Everyone’s journey will be slightly different with some commonality, for me it is everything; all the answers to the greatest questions in the universe, and completely nothing at all which is perhaps the greatest peace we may ever know!

What happens in a Mind Machine is different for everyone, it all depends upon what you are trying to accomplish, and if you are using a relaxation session, a stimulating session, an athletic 'focusing' session', one to increase ones test scores for school or one to evoke a lucid dream, or out of body experience, increase athletic performance or just for entertainment.

Actually even these sessions can range from calm contemplation in a dream like state where you wake up in a half hour with all the restorative effects of a 4 hour nap, to a wild ride; a full blown psychedelic experience, if that's what you seek. We definitely took some 'artistic, creative license' here to depict a natural high, so don't let it scare you away if what you want to get out of your machine is different...

Inner Peace + Domestic Peace = World Peace!

Expedition In-Reach, the journey inward

‘Not Adrenaline Junkies, Sensation Junkies’!

The term extreme sports has been over used to say the least, we used to call them death sport but it freaked too many people out, then we changed it to risk sport & finally everyone sort of landed on Extreme Sports, mostly as a marketing tool but it does describe them well.

All kinds of Extreme Sports: For me, climbing in particular helps one to enter 'The Zone’. That place where the moment of now is all there is, Zen moving meditation, Satori or glimpse of enlightenment.

On our expeditions we have found that the more fear we faced the happier & less perturbed we became! We discovered that facing ones fears is an important step toward achieving ones own Inner Peace, which is the first step toward World Peace.

So we started educating people how to safely face their fears thru X-Sport. However, being extreme is a relative thing & not everyone has the same fears, for some it's just getting out of bed in the morning, for others it's pushing the envelope of what is humanly possible!

When you face a fear you increase your level of acceptance for that thing. 'Fear being anything that makes you insecure, stressed, anxious or uncomfortable. Acceptance turns out to be the key to enlightenment, which is to say. Lasting imperturbable joy!

Can Sport really cause Inner Peace? Here’s a simple exercise to show you how it does; as they say, a picture is worth a thousands words! Just click on one of the X-Treme Sport; ‘RED BULLET’ Clip Arts, then stare at the images & imagine how it feels to be doing that: What emotions arise, if any? Really put yourself there & you’ll find that even a moving cartoon can be powerful stimuli for emotion! Then let this feeling happen & note how it makes you feel. You just learned something new about yourself as all these sports have a nature, risk + an uncontrollable factor to it. The power behind this is that Nature & Human Nature are VERY Similar: Now try to detach your feelings while still allowing it to be; just don’t allow it to move you. Don’t form any opinion about it. Sit with it. This is the secret Martial Art Gurus, Yogi’s & Zen Masters have known for years… This is how a fear is overcome!

This exercise for some will be enough to help with a few surface 'subconscious' fears we all have instilled in us, but for most people it’s just an introduction. Notice how the Idea of your own Death, or that of a Loved One, kind of, ‘sponsors’, or is the basis behind every fear you can think of? There are well documented reasons for this, it is a long answer that cannot be taught by words alone, one must experience it for themselves, but what I can say is that we know that Fear, NOT hatred, is the Polar Opposite, or polarity, of Unconditional Love. The ultimate form of love, hatred is just a simple fear-based insecurity, ultimately stemming from DEATH FEAR, The Ultimate Negative Emotion, and the fog that makes us uncomfortable in so many devious ways. It has even been shown to result in physical pain over time because stress is also linked to this form of fear, when it is traced back to its roots. More on this later too; but basically I am suggesting that all Disease or dis-ease of the body; from mental frustration, emotional anxiety to physical pain, is ultimately created from deep rooted, seldom understood fears. Felt as years of stress. It weakens the Immune System among many other proven physical Health Problems. Common sense tells us that this state of being is not in alignment with our true nature; because it eventually causes our demise. The opposite of life; & Nature IS life! So our true nature must involve things that make us happy, healthy & whole because they support life!

Some people even fear letting go of fears. They argue it will make them numb & lonely. This may be a true? If you really are happy all the time, you’ll probably annoy at least some people. We need not take it too far, just allow yourself to be detached emotionally, yet compassionate for all living things “Give only what you Can; Take Only what you Need: No More, No Less… It’s all you can do, how can anyone or thing expect more of you? When you experience negativity & insecurities from others or from within: Regarding lifestyles, religions, sexual issues, race, war, hunger & suffering: Aka, Fear related issues: It’s time to detach, the same way you did here. Also, no one said you have to agree with others, just make up your own mind what you allow in & avoid what you can that is not helpful to you. This is a challenge when we care for others, but you cannot really help anyone, until you help yourself by mastering this technique! You are choosing to heal yourself first, with the intent to help others later. This is the only justification you need, as if you really need one? Be careful not to add judgment about why you choose certain things over others remain neutral & have less of an opinion than others, & people will think highly of you. You’ll probably make new friends, trust synchronicity and do unto others because what comes around goes around! You may be called unrealistic, or a hopeless optimist, just laugh it off & bare in mind that with each fear you face mentally, you open up more room within for something better! Family, Friends, Nature, Pleasure, Sports & Whatever! Like the saying; "Get High on Sports" or Hobbies, but with an Intent to improve, avoid all distractions, treat everything like a like a moving meditation. Seek to stay calm in the face of adversity, chaos & danger & "learn to let go of the things you fear you'll loose! Remember, being extreme is relative thing, you don't need to go far, you'll find your own Mount Everest easy enough, if your looking for it, though it may look different then what others are climbing! Let extremists inspire you, & in return you will probably inspire others! Later, try this technique while viewing Photos, then Video; maybe see a show live, as a Spectator. Internalize how it feels to be doing; whatever interests you; raises the hair on the back of your head! One person’s accomplishments compliment all of us, but we’re all just human. Finally go for it, with your new attitude. Re-visit an activity you have done before & it’ll feel new to you!

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