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My Serenity: My wife's struggle for survival on Dorr Mountain in Acadia National Park.

Sometimes when we push limits, those limits push back...

Nature is a terrible, brutal, sexy wonderment: A horrible beauty that reveals our true nature through her creative metaphors and physical reality.

Serenity and I were trying our very hardest to be the best human animals we could be when we went from ecstasy, kissing like school children enjoying watching the sun rise over the Northern Atlantic, high up on Dorr Mountain in Acadia National Park, to agony when a 500 pound rock fell and crushed Serenity’s leg and knocked me off my feet, our world changed in under two seconds.

A lifetime compressed into an hour while we lay there in a pool of blood. Alone, but not lonely, high up on that windy steep cliff face. As our friends and family were all with us in spirit and in our hearts!

I found myself in a partial out of body state, watching my Marine Corp and State Trooper training kick in: Be brave, I heard myself say, have courage and nothing will ever stop you: Dare to step out of your comfort zone, forgive those who hurt you, not for them, but for you, and live out loud because at some point we are going to die and each breath we take is truly a gift. I was able to stop her bleeding using extra clothes in our backpacks and treated her for shock while I called the Calvary. The Acadia Search and Rescue along with Bar Harbor Paramedics, a medical doctor and his wife and eventually a helicopter: Help came pouring in.

After pain and sorrow and nine surgeries later Serene was told she will never climb, hike or even bike again. Her surgeons were pushing for amputation and said she might never walk again without crutches.

Weeks have now turned into months and Serenity has shocked her doctors. Combining Eastern and Western healing modalities, energy work and sheer determination Serene has been walking with just a cane almost up to a mile!

We wish to thank all those who have played a role in helping us get back on track.

Be brave: Live Like Serenity!